June 28, 2017


Watch the Making of Amber Rose's Puppet

Times have changed since the early days of marionette-making. Back in the day, the time it took to create a puppet was in the realm of about three to four months. Now, with 3D printing, designers like Pascal Engelhardt can make puppets' heads with incredible detail and range of motion within only three weeks.

In the video above, Engelhardt shows us how he brought model/actress Amber Rose's puppet to life for The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow.

Engelhardt demonstrates the natural movement of his puppets while adding mechanical pieces before handing the puppet off to artist Audrey Densmore to sculpt hyper-realistic faces and add personal characteristics.

Check out Amber Rose meeting her puppet for the first time, below. And check out iTunes and our Hulu Fuse Channel for full episodes.