June 2, 2017


Hortlax Cobra's 'Bus Stop' Video Starring a Dancing Puppet Will End Your Week Right: Exclusive

If you're in need of something quirky and entertaining to end what many are considering a tough week, look no further than Hortlax Cobra's new "Bus Stop" video. For his latest visual, the Swedish musician—a.k.a. drummer/producer John Eriksson of "Young Folks" trio Peter Bjorn and John—casted a slightly adorable, slightly creepy puppet.

Fuse is proud to premiere the offbeat video that sees a handsome ventriloquist doll getting down to the new Daft Punk–recalling single. Half-funk, half-electroclash, "Bus Stop" is an uplifting, shape-shifting mashup that anyone—human or puppet—can inevitably start skipping and grooving.

"Have you ever seen a dancing ventriloquist doll?" Eriksson asked Fuse, before further explaining the concept for his new video. "No, me neither. Freddy is the unlikely sidekick of my alter ego 'Hortlax Cobra' and from time to time Freddy appears in some of the music videos. This time it was kind of fitting to film Freddy in his bachelor apartment, dancing his heart out to this song."

If you're digging the song of "Bus Stop" (and Freddy), be sure to check out Hortlax Cobra's recently released Lightworks album that includes "Bus Stop" and "As Far as My Eyes Could See," which you can listen to below.