June 22, 2017


Kat Dahlia Talks New Album & Making Magic in the Studio with J-Roc

Since releasing her 2015 debut album My GardenKat Dahlia has experienced a lot of...life. The singer-rapper, now 26, is set to return with a new album soon and assures fans that she has plenty of material ("relationships, heartbreaks, new friends") to inspire her latest project.

"When I started the album, it was very much me alone in the studio just writing for hours and hours," Dahlia tells Fuse, emphasizing the need to freely focus on melody and lyrics. "But on the other hand, I really do love collaborations, bouncing off ideas, brainstorming."

Linking up with industry veteran J-Roc, Dahlia was able to feed off the energy of a fresh, exciting collaboration. Describing the hitmaker as "creative" and "humble," she recalled their seemingly effortless connection in the studio that inspired her latest single, "Friday Night Majic."

"It was Friday night, and we were trying to catch a vibe. I don't really go out, so the studio is where we just make our own party. We just felt like turning up!" she laughs.

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