June 16, 2017


Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman Explains Warped's Multigenerational Appeal

The Vans Warped Tour kicks off its 22nd season this weekend (tickets still available) so Fuse sat down with founder and owner Kevin Lyman. Watch the man who started it all reflect on how Warped became the largest and longest-running North American festival tour.

A big reason Warped has seen continued success is their ability to cater to all generations of fans. Above, Lyman talks about Warped's longtime practice of giving out free water after he realized kids were leaving early because they didn't want to pay $3 for a bottle of water. "I realized I needed to go in and really fight for my fans," Lyman says.

Lyman also talks about Warped's beloved "free parent ticket" program, which he started as a way to attract younger kids to the scene and expose them to rock and indie music earlier. It ended up paying off twofold when early Warped fans from the '90s became parents themselves and returned with their kids.

Check out Lyman talking more about the multigenerational Warped Tour love above, and below watch him reflect on his now-famous Warped BBQs, where you can find Kevin manning the grill himself: