June 15, 2017


Kevin Lyman Talks Making Warped Tour BBQs Memorable

As we get ready to dive right into barbecue season, Kevin Lyman stopped by Fuse to talk about one of the standouts of the 22-year-old traveling rock festival—BBQs! 

Each year Kevin Lyman continues the sweet tradition of having a worthy barbecue plus a featured band at Warped Tour. Lyman tells Fuse he does "like two or three, like opening night barbecues." Last year he went over-the-top with swimming pools and L.A.-based band The Interrupters. How cool!

Most important, the BBQ Menu has selections from juicy tri-tips to macrobiotic burgers. "Always ribs, a lot of chicken, you gotta have the vegan and then you have the gluten free and then you have like macrobiotic burgers," Lyman lists. "I try to throw a few of those in there."

Watch above to find out what Lyman plans to do for his next business adventure. Next up, see the Warped Tour founder discuss reintroducing veteran acts while also developing future tour headliners below:

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