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June 13, 2017


Kevin Lyman Discusses Warped Tour's Balance of Old and New

With Warped Tour 2017 kicking off this weekend, Fuse sat down with none other than festival founder Kevin Lyman for a look at this year's lineup. The man behind North America's longest-running touring festival also discussed why he switches up set times every night and his plans for future lineups.

"This summer's lineup is looking at some artists that maybe haven't been around in a long time," Lyman says, listing OG acts like GWARPlain White T's and Sick Of It All. He's also stoked to introduce fans to U.K. acts Creeper and Sonic Boom Six, as well as hardcore feminist punk group War on Women.

While bringing back veteran acts is important, Lyman stressed the need to look ahead to "the next movement of bands." Back in the day, Warped bookings were mainly based on album releases, but with music streams now playing a pivotal role, the festival's model needs some tweaking. Lyman's ultimate focus, however, is to develop future headliners.

To ensure that rising acts receive exposure, Lyman explained his method of changing set times daily. This way, different bands have the opportunity to perform for different crowds. "On the road you get in this routine. Breaking up that routine is sometimes hard, but I think it was really good for artists because they never knew who they were playing before and after."

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