June 9, 2017


Lindsey Stirling Talks Vulnerability and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Since the release of her third studio album Brave EnoughLindsey Stirling has continued to inspire fans through her Youtube Red documentary of the same name. The talented violinist recently stopped by Fuse to discuss the theme behind her latest production, as well as dealing with impostor syndrome.

"[The album and documentary] centered around this idea that everybody has certain ways that they wish they were braver, but also kind of realizing that you are enough," Stirling explains. "We're all seeking to better ourselves, but at the end of the day, we're enough as we are."

This concept of self-acceptance and positivity is something that the 30-year-old hopes will continue to thrive and resonate with her audience. Admitting that she's no stranger to self-doubt, Stirling recalled dealing with impostor syndrome throughout her career.

"Did I trick everybody into thinking I'm a lot cooler and better and smarter than I really am? That's a really relatable feeling. Everybody's felt like they're not enough...and it goes back to that idea that we are enough, and we don't have to be perfect."

For more on the Brave Enough album, check out Fuse's interview with Stirling from August 2016 below: