June 19, 2017


Quinn XCII Teases Debut Album While Making a Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Fans of Quinn XCII have been eagerly awaiting the singer-songwriter's upcoming debut album, which he calls "his favorite project so far." Fuse chatted with the rising act at the 2017 Firefly Music Festival, where he discussed the album's sound while constructing a picture frame for his girlfriend, Macy.

"The album is just a really cool culmination of everything that I've gone through and all the sounds that I've experimented with up to this point. I'm working with some really cool producers, and it's my first full-length project off the major label that I'm signed to," the Michigan native explains.

Since Quinn XCII seemed to be doing well with his elementary school picture frame, Fuse continued the throwback theme by asking about his first-ever concert. Believe it or not, he had literally begged his mom to let him see...O-Town.

"I was obsessed with their song, 'Liquid Dreams.'"

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