June 21, 2017


Rise Against Recall Recording 'Wolves' Album in the Middle of 'Trump's America'

Rise Against returned with their eighth album this month, Wolves, which was released on June 9. But the recording process wasn't the most calm experience. Lead vocalist Tim McIlrath and bassist Joe Principe stopped by the Fuse offices to explain how they recorded the album in the middle of the harrowing 2016 presidential election.

"It was a wake up call in a lot of ways...we drove every day to the studio passing by the Trump signs in the giant fields across Tennessee and people who are proudly and unapologetically like, 'I think this is the best guy to lead the charge,'" McIlrath explained to us. "We felt like the black sheep in Nashville, Tenn. But that's kind of where Rise Against feels most comfortable sometimes."

Watch above as the guys dive into the controversial reason why their "The Violence" video was never released, as well as still seeing 16-year-old fans in the front row of their concerts almost 20 years later. After that, take it back to 2014 Voodoo Music + Arts Experience where Rise Against tell us how they embrace their inner outcasts: