June 8, 2017


#TBT 2012: Nickelback Tackles Fan Question About 'a Man With Tits'

As the release of Nickelback's latest album Feed the Machine approaches, we dedicated this week's edition of #TBT to Fuse's hilarious 2012 interview with the hitmakers.

Scrolling through the Youtube comments for their "Lullaby" video, the guys noticed one particular fan question asking, "How did man feed baby? He have tits with milk?" in reference to the video's subject, a widower, raising his child.

Hmm...that's indeed a tough one. Drummer Daniel Adair, however, had the perfect answer. 

"Someone in his building probably had a tit available."

Keep the Nickelback feels going with a throwback Hoppus On Music interview, during which Gavin Rossdale calls the Canadian band the "nicest guys in the industry":