June 16, 2017


Watch a Sneak Peek of Fuse's Wildest New Series 'The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow'

Only a select few know about Wilmer Valderrama's true passion in life—marionette puppeteer—and now he's sharing his talents on The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow.

Get ready for insane celebrity stories with host and executive producer, Wilmer sharing this gift with nine of his closest friends—Amber Rose, Lil JonSteve AokiJoe Jonas and many more. These reenacted real life stories will be inspiring, soul touching and are bound to freak you out, and you'll only get them here. 

Next, get acquainted with Wilmer's puppet and watch full episodes of Wilmer's puppet doing his REAL puppet work and sharing wild, untold, reenacted adventures with his celebrity friends on iTunes and our Hulu Fuse Channel.