June 19, 2017


The Naked And Famous' Alisa Xayalith on Recording 'Simple Forms' Album After Breakup With Bandmate

Fuse host Arnold Telagaarta caught up with The Naked And Famous singer Alisa Xayalith at Firefly Music Festival 2017 to do some arts and crafts and talk about life, love and music. Reflecting on the band's 2016 album Simple Forms, Alisa reveals why the band chose "Higher" as the lead single, saying "it's a signature Naked And Famous sound, so it was a no brainer."

Speaking on her public breakup with bandmate Thom Powers, Alisa says matter of factly, "life happens!" Adding "whatever is going on around us, we always make music–that's what we know how to do."

Fun fact: One of The Naked And Famous' first television appearances was the Mark Hoppus-hosted Fuse series Hoppus On Music in 2011 (watch a clip here). Ironically, the band just got off tour with Blink-182 and Alisa tells us all about the experience above!

Below, check out another Firefly Music Fest interview with AFI's Davey Havok about the band's Blood Album and 26 years in the music biz: