July 24, 2017


Fluffy Off the Menu Episode 3: Bacon Wrapped Bacon in Harlem

Another week, another new episode of Fluffy Off the Menu! Episode 3 features the talents of New York City chef Lance Knowling of Blujeen, here to show Fluffy's Food Adventures star Gabriel Iglesias how to make Bacon Wrapped Bacon.

This intense dish starts with, of course, a thick slab of pork belly. Knowling seasons it with all the spices—garlic, onion, pepper, paprika—before drizzling some maple syrup on top. He and Iglesias then get their hands dirty by rubbing all that flavor deep into the pork.

After cooking the pork, Knowling lays out the strips, making sure to keep them "fat to meat." Once that technical element is tackled, the two chefs roll the pork belly flat with a rolling pin before wrapping it tightly into a cylinder. Bake that baby until the outside is nice and crispy, and voila!

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