July 31, 2017


Fluffy Off the Menu Episode 4: Crispy Maple Chicken Donuts in Atlanta

Feeling adventurous? Fluffy sure is!

In this week's episode of Fluffy Off the MenuFluffy's Food Adventures star Gabriel Iglesias links up with Sublime Doughnuts founder Kamal Grant, who teaches the comedian how to make the rather unusual Crispy Maple Chicken Donuts.

They first break down the chicken until all the skin and bones are removed. Grant then spices it up with salt, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg (his not-so-secret spice mix), and adds in egg whites.

Fluffy forms his donuts from the mix before moving on to the delicious chicken skin, which gets fried in strips. Once the donuts are dredged in flour and dunked in pancake batter, they're ready to hit the fryer as well.

And finally, Fluffy adds some artistic flair to the donut with frosting and pieces of mouthwatering, fried chicken skin. Droool.

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