July 26, 2017


Gabe and Rick Go 'Modern Comfort' at Harlem's Blujeen

When you think of comfort food, "fine dining" and "elegance" may not immediately come to mind. But Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias and Rick Gutierrez experienced soul food transformed at Harlem restaurant Blujeen, led by chef Lance Knowling.

Calling his culinary vision "modern comfort," Knowling described his menu as a blend of American comfort food, Southern and soul food, which blend together to connect with your "flavor memory." He brought out a few of his most notable dishes to give Fluffy the full "modern comfort" dining experience.

Starting with the Caramel Apple French Toast, Knowling tapped into childhood memories with his mother's very own pull-apart bread recipe. After a few decadent bites, Fluffy received a healthy serving of grilled catfish with Cajun fried dirty rice, followed by the Buttermilk Fried Henny. The tender drumstick paired with sweet potato pancakes were almost too much for Rick!

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