July 21, 2017


'Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow' First Date: Amanda Cerny Meets Herself on Strings

In the latest installment of Puppet Sh!tshow First Dates, Amanda Cerny—best known for her hilarious YouTube videos—tells us she's excited to meet her puppet for the first time and "hopes she's cute."

Upon first glance, the 26-year-old immediately notices the marionette's green eyes, eyebrows and checks for the puppet's ass-ets. “Did they give her abs? Where are the abs? You’re missing abs and they don’t have a belly button?" she jokes.  

Amanda anticipates on using her puppet as a decoy date. "I can also use it for the dates that I don’t want to go on like with Wilmer. I can just put her in that chair right there and he can talk to her instead of me," says the star. 

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