July 14, 2017


'Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow' First Date: Anjelah Johnson Meets Her Puppet

Meeting your very own puppet for the first time can be similar to a dating show. The anxious feeling of waiting behind a wall or curtain for the ultimate reveal of the person—or puppet in this case. In this installment of Puppet Sh!tshow First Date, actor Anjelah Johnson meets herself in puppet form.

Watch as Anjelah jokingly critiques the marionette's features, from the receding hairline and un-manicured hands to the simple blue dress and six inch heels. 

Below, witness Amber Rose cradle her puppet and reminisce about the time she wore the now-iconic bejeweled chain-linked dress. Watch full episodes of The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow on iTunes and our Hulu Fuse Channel.