July 14, 2017


'Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow' First Date: Damon Wayans Jr. Meets His Puppet

The 34-year-old comedian and actor is ready to meet his puppet in this episode of Puppet Sh!tshow First Date and doesn't know what to expect—because nothing is weirder than meeting a hollow version of yourself.  

During the reveal, Wayans Jr. tells us he's "pleasantly surprised and very happy with this design." But you'll have to watch to see what he says about the puppet's mouth being propped wide open... creepy.

Wondering if the star would have the puppet lounging around his house? Well, he says, "If this was in my house I would be so scared everyday. I would check to see if it like moved at all. I would make it sleep outside my room." 

Curious about how the puppets are designed? Watch designer Pascal Engelhardt and artist Audrey Densmore bring Amber Rose's puppet to life below. 

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