July 21, 2017


'Indivisible' Extra: Antonio Alarcon Returns to Mexico

Fuse's upcoming documentary film Indivisible follows the stories of three individuals fighting for immigration reform and a pathway to American citizenship, all while being separated from their loved ones. One of these individuals is Antonio Alarcon.

Raised in Veracuz, Mexico, by his grandparents, Alarcon arrived in New York City at age 11 as an undocumented immigrant. When his grandparents passed away six years later, he was unable to attend their funeral back home due to his citizenship status.

But thanks to Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, Alarcon was finally able to return to Mexico City at age 20 to visit his grandparents' burial site.

"When I think about education, I always think about my granddad. He always taught me that education was the most important value that he will give me in his life," Alarcon says. "Sometimes I still believe that they're alive...In my heart, they always will be alive."