July 21, 2017


'Indivisible' Extra: Renata Teodoro Reunites With Her Mother After Six Years

Fuse's next Fuse Docs film, Indivisible, spotlights three teens whose families were deported after arriving in the U.S. in search of a better life. Fighting for a pathway to citizenship and a chance to be reunited with their loved ones, these Dreamers are almost never able to see their parents.

Renata Teodoro, one of three Indivisible subjects, was finally able to see her mother after six years of separation. Walking up to the Arizona-Mexico border fence, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

"I am feeling overwhelmed. It was really great seeing her for the first time in a while, but it's also really hard because I know we're going to have to say goodbye," Teodoro says. "I mean, it's just weird to see this really tall, rusty iron fence is what's separating me from being with my mom."

Dive deeper into Teodoro's story below: