July 21, 2017


'Indivisible' Extra: Renata and Gorache Teodoro Hope to 'Someday' Be Together Again

One of three main subjects of Fuse's upcoming documentary Indivisible, Renata Teodoro gave viewers a look into what life is like being separated from one's family. With her loved ones deported out of the United States, her only chances of seeing her mother are rare meetups at the Arizona-Mexico fence.

Clutching her two scholarships, a Time magazine cover, and a book that featured one of her stories, Renata proudly showed off pieces of her life that her mother, Gorache, couldn't witness in person.

"I just wanted to give my mom the things that she wasn't really a part of because she wasn't here," she explains.

"My sons miss Renata very much. The kids miss her so much because sometimes we have dinner...something's missing at the table. It's her, you know?" Gorache expresses. "I wish everybody together. I wish all families together, not teared apart like this. Maybe someday."

Get to know Renata a bit more in the clip below: