July 28, 2017


Watch Pentatonix's Kirstin Answer an Origami Fortune Teller's Random Questions

Fresh off the release of her debut solo EP L O V EPentatonix vocalist Kirstin Maldonado stopped by the Fuse studio to chat about life both in and out of the studio. Armed with Fuse's custom-designed, giant origami fortune teller, containing a variety of questions, Maldonado kicks off the interview by introducing her two adorable dogs.

Named after Disney princess friends Olaf and Pascal, the dogs were discovered through Craigslist and soon found an audience on social media. "Both Olaf and Pascal have their own Instagram page. They don't have more followers than me, but they have more followers than my fiancé. And he hates it," she says.

The Texas native also revealed why she had been nervous for the other Pentatonix members to hear her L O V E EP, her first big step into the spotlight as a solo force. "We're such a family, so they've known my entire confidence journey and who I am as an artist...I'm also just nervous because I value their opinion."

When asked what she enjoys doing when the cameras are off, Maldonado admitted to being a homebody, opting for chill sessions at her crib rather than a crazy night out.

"I love to stay at home! I know that sounds really lame," she laughs. "I want all my friends to always come over to my house. We'll watch movies, or drink champagne, or eat cheese and wine at the house!"

Watch the full interview above, and below check out Fuse's report on why a cappella music has recently been making waves:

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