July 13, 2017


#TBT 2013: French Montana Reveals 'Pop That' Almost Didn't Feature Lil Wayne

It's been five years since French Montana blessed the world with "Pop That," the 808-heavy summer jam featuring Rick RossDrake and Lil Wayne. Sitting down with Fuse in 2013, the Bronx native explained the single's development and why Weezy's feature barely made the final cut.

"Me and Drake was on tour at the time, so while we on tour, we felt like we needed a record to perform together," Montana says. "He did 'Amen' with Meek [Mill]. He did 'No Lie' with 2 Chainz. He did 'Pop That' with me. It just made sense."

Ross, a longtime collaborator of Montana's, was later added as a second guest feature. The third and final feature spot, however, wasn't originally planned for the single. 

"I didn't even know that Wayne was gonna be on the record. He sent it to me the day the record was supposed to come out!" Montana reveals.

Since the release of "Pop That," the 32-year-old has racked up hits like "Freaks," "No Shopping" and "Unforgettable" and is set to drop his second studio album, Jungle Rules, on July 14. For more on Montana's impressive come up, check out his 2015 interview on SKEE TV: