July 6, 2017


#TBT 2013: HAIM Say The First Song They Wrote 'Will Never See the Light of Day'

HAIM fans have been eagerly awaiting the trio's return since the release of "Want You Back," the lead single off Something to Tell You. To get you ready for the rock band's second studio album, we dug up a 2013 interview where the siblings discussed their throwback music days.

The singers found early exposure to live shows via the family's own rock band, Rockinhaim, that performed at a variety of free events. Alana handled the maracas, while Danielle and Mama Haim played guitar. Este played the bass, and Papa Haim took care of the drums.

"It was just kind of our version of our family vacations," Alana explains.

HAIM also recalled their first time experimenting with songwriting. Completed in just one hour, the semi-emo song "definitely was not a good song."

"But it had a verse, and it had a chorus, and there was some kind of melody," Este says. "It will never see the light of day."

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