July 24, 2017


A Day In the Life of Wilmer Valderrama's Puppet Ep. 3: Inner Thoughts

The miniature hollow version of Wilmer Valderrama continues to struggle with his chiseled wood physique. In the last installment of our three-part A Day In the Life of Wilmer Valderrama's Puppet series, the puppet finds himself in a hot spot... literally. 

Watch as mini Wilmer is caught off guard after trying to explain to his friends why he refuses to go near the grill. "Um I don't mean to be rude, but I would prefer to stay away from the grill. Fire and wood do not get along," Wilmer tells his friend, who then asks for a reason. “...look at me, I have wood,” Wilmer replies, not realizing he made a provocative joke.

Below, check out Amanda Cerny meeting her green-eyed puppet for the first time.