July 12, 2017


Puppet Hot Tub Aftershow Episode 1: Lil Jon and Amber Rose

Welcome to the first episode of the Hot Tub Aftershow—a digital series—where Wilmer invites his celebrity puppet friends to elaborate on their wild, outrageous stories told in The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow and answer unexpected, raunchy questions.

This week, from Utah ski trips to strip clubs, we have rapper Lil Jon and Amber Rose discussing their wildest adventures. 

Lil Jon gives the scoop on how his tequila-filled flask saved his life and remains his lucky charm to date, but things get a little hot and steamy when Amber Rose makes herself comfortable in Wilmer's hot tub before he blurts out a few questions. 

Check back next week for more celebrity puppet friends, steamy stories and... maybe foam on the next episode of Hot Tub Aftershow. Below, watch Amber Rose meet her puppet for the first time. 

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