July 26, 2017


Watch Big Freedia & Amanda Cerny Step Into Wilmer's 'Puppet Hot Tub Aftershow'

Friends, fame and foam. Welcome back to the Hot Tub Aftershow where Wilmer and his celebrity puppets friends indulge in their wild and outrageous stories mentioned on The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow and share some additional tea.

Big Freedia—the Queen of Bounce— and YouTube star Amanda Cerny make a pit stop at Wilmer's hot tub to talk about their unforgettable, trippy and somewhat sh!tty experiences. 

Watch above as Freedia confesses which act—blowing up the tour bus or lying about it—was worse and don't miss the not-so-steamy action between Cerny and Wilmer.

Catch the entire season of The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow on iTunes and our Hulu Fuse Channel. Check Freedia's hilarious meet and greet with her mysterious Hershey chocolate puppet below.