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August 7, 2017


Fluffy Off the Menu Episode 5: Indian Hot Chicken Pakora in Nashville

In this week's episode of Fluffy's Food Adventures, Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias experiences the wonders of Nashville's diverse culinary scene. Home of hot chicken, the city is also home to Chauhan Ale & Masala House, where Chef Aatul Jain goes behind the counter to teach Fluffy how to make Indian Hot Chicken Pakora.

Right off the bat, it's apparent that Fluffy needs a few pointers on knife handling. For the best cuts, Aatul advises holding your food steady with your free hand and keeping the knife tip in contact with the cutting board.

Now comes the fun part—spices!

Garam masala, a sacred powder of ground spices, is added to the batter. After battering up and frying the chicken, Aatul dusts the pakoras with "ghost pepper," or bhut jolokia, before serving it alongside his ghost pepper sauce.

The final result? A luscious, spicy pakora that tingles your entire mouth.

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