August 9, 2017


Fluffy Devours Fresh-Baked Kurdish Carbs in Nashville

The Fluffy's Food Adventures tour stopped in Nashville this week for a taste of the city's diverse culinary scene. Stars Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias and Rick Gutierrez linked up with Azadi International Food Market & Bakery owner Kamal Hasan for an introduction to Kurdish bread, and the results were seriously delicious.

Surrounded by giant pieces of naan bread, the guys received a quick rundown of how this traditional Kurdish carb is baked—slapped against the side of the oven.

"If the temperature is not right, the back of the bread will not cook. And if it is too hot, the bread will stick to [the oven]," Hasan explains.

Later, Gabe and Rick experienced freshly baked Kurdish pizza topped with cheese and juicy lamb, otherwise known as kulera ba qima. Um, more where that came from, please!

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