August 11, 2017


'Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow' First Date: Terry Crews Meets His Puppet

Actor Terry Crews is in for a huge (or in this case mini) surprise. Before reenacting an outrageous run-in with a psycho landlady and a pregnant woman, Crews' puppet and the real actor are coming together in this installment of Puppet Sh!tshow First Dates

Admiring his super lifelike marionette, Crews hilariously suggests getting some animatronics, so "Little Terry" can do the well-known Terry Crews pec dance with his miniature chest too. “You got to put a little power pecs in there,” he says after doing the chest move himself. 

Check out iTunes and our Hulu Fuse Channel for full episodes. Below, watch Steve Aoki immediately go into joke mode after seeing the "homeless 55-year-old" puppet version of himself.