August 6, 2017


Watch Highly Suspect Praise Grimes While Tackling Fuse's Emoji Tower

Rock group Highly Suspect joined in on the Fuse Emoji Tower fun this weekend at Lollapalooza 2017, and the results were pretty hilarious. Discussing topics ranging from their music to what they spent their first paycheck on, the trio impressively powered through a string of random questions.

On the message behind their music, Johnny Stevens couldn't lock down one single mission statement for the band. "We just want you to feel a certain way, but if you don't, that's alright, too. The message that we have is different in every song, so I guess there's no universal message. But as long as you're feeling something!"

When asked what he spent his first paycheck on, Ryan Meyer insisted that he bought a drum set, which Stevens assured everyone is 100 percent...false?

But one thing that the guys all agreed on was how amazing Grimes is. "Grimes is an incredible artist. 'World Princess Part II' is a sick song. So let's do it," Stevens answers when asked whom they'd like to sample on a song.

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