August 5, 2017


Little Dragon Show Off Robot Dance Moves, Talk 'Season High'

If you've been keeping up with Fuse's Lollapalooza 2017 coverage, you're well aware of the infamous Emoji Tower―full of fun questions, but just one block away from crashing down! Little Dragon managed to successfully play along while discussing pizza, robotic dance moves, and the message behind their music.

On the biggest chance the band took while recording their latest album, Season High, Yukimi Nagano expressed how unusual it was to work with outside producers. "That was a big step for us. We usually do everything ourselves, and it was a learning process," she says.

The GRAMMY-nominated group hopes that fans "celebrate the moment" and "enjoy life" when dancing to their beats. And when it comes to actually showing off moves, member Erik Bodin had his robot dance punches locked down.

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