August 6, 2017


Run The Jewels Explain Anti-Mass Incarceration Message Behind 'Legend Has It'

Fuse caught up with hip-hop duo Run The Jewels at Lollapalooza 2017, discussing everything from the message behind their "Legend Has It" video to the pair's "Stay Gold" IPA venture.

"The whole point of ['Legend Has It'] was just the really obvious metaphor that the old ideas of good and bad don't necessarily match up with reality," El-P explains. "We took the moment to try and make that, as silly as it was, a statement about mass incarceration in America...We were proud that we could slip something in that we cared about while also being incredibly stupid, which is sort of our motto in life."

And for the beer aficionados out there, Run The Jewels are behind the country's number one IPA at the moment. With a full service pop-up shop running in Chicago, the pair assures fans that their "Stay Gold" IPA "tastes really good with eggs in the morning and before you go to night-night with a bunch of strippers and your wife."

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