August 4, 2017


Wiz Khalifa Talks Charli XCX 'Boys' Cameo, Sparring With Snoop Dogg & More

We kicked it with Wiz Khalifa before he stepped on set at Lollapalooza 2017 to discuss breaking records with his hit single "See You Again," making a cameo in Charlie XCX's "Boys" video and more. 

After expressing how it's been years since he rocked a stage like this and how dope his fans are with the success of "See You Again," Khalifa gave us the deets on how he ended up in the Charli XCX-directed "Boys" video. 

"Like our camps are cool with each other. So when she was doing the video I guess the idea was just to have all different types of, you know, guys in the video.  So me being wild kind of fun and crazy, I was just you know that was the one I landed on. I like my scene."

Khalifa also tells us he's on a healthy lifestyle path and is lowkey into MMA. "I have a really good time at the gym. I work out five days a week, I'm eating way more than I ever did. I gained twenty pounds already." 

Watch the interview above as the rapper talks working with Houston rapper, Ugly God and potentially sparring with Snoop Dogg. Don't forget to check out all of Fuse's on-the-ground coverage this weekend at Lollapolooza 2017

Next, throw it back to a younger Wiz Khalifa discussing his Live in Concert EP and the trials and tribulations of raising his son Sebastian.