August 15, 2017


2007 Throwback: My Chemical Romance Recall 'Terrifying Experience' Opening for Muse

Thanks to Muse, fellow veteran rock band My Chemical Romance became the first American rock group to perform at London's new Wembley Stadium back in 2007. Speaking to Fuse, Gerard Way explained just how overwhelming it was to play in the legendary venue.

"It was the single most terrifying experience of my life. Seventy-five thousand Muse fans in England in the most hardcore place that you can see that band. It was so amazing, though," he says.

Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara also dropped in to say hello, explaining that his and Way's bands are always the first to listen to each other's newly recorded albums.

Keep the throwback vibes going with Fuse's 2004 interview discussing My Chemical Romance's seminal album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: