August 3, 2017


#TBT 2007: 30 Seconds to Mars Talk 'From Yesterday' Video, Origin of Band Name

This week's #TBT installment spotlights veterans 30 Seconds to Mars, who stopped by Steven's Untitled Rock Show in 2007 to discuss the imagery behind "From Yesterday," the third single off A Beautiful Lie.

"The video is a very religious piece of artwork. It's filled with mythology, and it's filled with metaphors," frontman Jared Leto tells host Steven Smith. "We really wanted to make something that was not only just a collective of images that represented the song, but really went to a completely new and different place."

When asked to reveal the origin of the group's name, Leto answered the question without...actually answering the question?

"It's something that makes people ask questions rather than giving answers. It represents the sound of our music in a unique way. It's a name that's imaginative and slightly different," he explains.

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