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Skinny Jeans 4 Life

Watch Waterparks Take Our 'Which Classic Pop-Punk Band Are You?' Quiz

Fave Green Day single, PacSun vs. Hot Topic, and some Brendon Urie stanning: Waterparks find out which classic 2000s pop-punk band they are via Fuse's personality quiz

The 2000s were a glorious time for pop-punk. The decade saw the arrival and rise of iconic bands like Blink-182Good CharlotteParamoreSum 41 and more. We wanted to connect the present to the past–by forcing rising pop-punk stars Waterparks to take our Which Classic '00s Pop-Punk Band Are You? quiz.

Earlier this month you watched Waterparks play Draw That Band. Now the trio must dig deep to answer truly profound questions like, pizza vs. skinny jeans and PacSun vs. Hot Topic. Btw, "Go buy our shirts at Hot Topic," frontman Awsten Knight throws in, chuckling.

Above, watch the buzzing band find out which classic pop-punk band they are, stopping only to fangirl for Panic! At The Disco's "handsome" Brendon Urie. "He can backflip! He's good looking!" We totally get it, guys. *heart-eyed sigh*

Below, watch Waterparks play a hilarious round of Draw That Band and see if their artistic abilities go beyond music:

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