September 20, 2017


'Big Freedia' Clip: Freedia Makes a Life-Changing Decision About a Member of Her Team

In this week's Big Freedia Bounces Back, Freedia marched on with her #EverythingMustChange motto. Spoiler alert! At the top of the episode, after a clash at auditions, Freedia parted ways with longtime dancers Skip and Flash–but that wasn't the only jaw-dropping moment of the episode.

In the above clip from episode 602, Freedia walks her dog Yoncé while catching up with her lawyer Tim. Freedia talks of plans to volunteer at Liberty's Kitchen, teaching culinary skills to teens, and seeing things clearer now without weed. We soon see this new clear-headed Freedia making more major changes.

When Freedia's longtime tour manager Melvin stops by, after not speaking for months, Freedia is forced to tackle the issue head on and make a life-changing decision. Watch the full clip above.

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Below, watch an exclusive outtake of the Team Freedia girls reacting to the news about Freedia firing the guy dancers: