September 28, 2017


'Cult of Chucky' Cast Talk Surprises, Coming 'Full Circle' 30 Years After 'Child's Play'

With everyone's favorite killer doll officially returning October 3, Fuse sat down with the exciting cast of Cult of Chucky to discuss the film's surprises, fan reactions, and bringing back some of the franchise's beloved characters.

"I think the fans are going to go crazy when they see this movie because there are a lot of characters from the past," Jennifer Tilly explains, specifically shouting out Alex Vincent's highly anticipated reprisal of Andy Barclay, whom he portrayed nearly three decades ago in Child's Play.

"I think fans enjoy the fact that [Andy's] still around 30 years later...and kind of wanted to see this story take that full-circle approach," Vincent adds.

Tilly also dived into the complexities of her reprised character, Tiffany, an individual she described as "easily relatable" despite being a serial murderer. "I think there's something a little bit lovable about her," she tells Fuse.

Next, Fiona Dourif says it's "truly scary" acting opposite her father's voice as Chucky:

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