September 20, 2017


Jacob Banks Reveals How a Burglary Helped Shape His Music Career

Cat lover, non-vegan, healthy hairline owner—Jacob Banks is many things, but the Nigerian-born, British soul singer is first and foremost an artist. Despite having plans to study civil engineering, the 26-year-old "fell into music" six years ago and has since turned heads for his striking blend of electronic beats and old-school blues.

"I bought a guitar, taught myself how to play off Youtube. I was living with two of my friends at the time, and our house got burgled. And all [the robbers] left was the guitar, so I was left to play this guitar by force," he half-jokes. "So I must."

While he often incorporates EDM sounds into his songwriting, Banks emphasized the importance of always highlighting his soul roots.

"I don't want to sound like an EDM artist singing over soul. I want to sound like a soul artist who's taken modern elements," he explains. "It's a weird balance. If one tips too much, it can go left-of-center quite quickly...I always have to make sure there's more soul than there is the modern stuff."

Check out Jacob Banks' new single "Unknown (To You)" and his The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP from earlier this year. Be on the lookout for his Into the Wild tour hitting the U.S. this fall.

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