September 14, 2017


#TBT 2014: Birthday Boy Nick Jonas Talks Solo Career and 'Jealous' Origins

As Nick Jonas celebrates his 25th birthday this weekend, take a look back at the singer's 2014 sit-down with Fuse, during which he discussed the inspiration behind his hit single, "Jealous."

"I experienced a real moment of jealousy, and instead of getting frustrated, I decided to just write a song," Jonas admits. "And I definitely think that's the more productive thing to do, and it turned out being a good thing."

The ever versatile performer also teased his self-titled solo album, citing Stevie WonderJhené AIko and The Weeknd as influencers who helped shape the project's "alternative-pop-R&B" sound.

Next, keep the 2014 vibes going with Fuse's interview with Fifth Harmony, who discussed their debut album, Reflection, and revealed their favorite music video styles: