'Besterday' Podcast: The Darkness on New 'Pinewood Smile' Album & Those Catsuits From 2003

What's up doc! Besterday is back with a dope new episode! Bianca Gracie's weekly pop culture nostalgia podcast will remind you of all the throwback one-hit-wonder jams you listened to on your Walkman and the classic Nickelodeon shows you craved.

This week we're joined by The Darkness' Justin Hawkins and Rufus Tiger Taylor as we celebrate the release of their new album Pinewood Smile (which drops on Oct. 6). The frontman and drummer stopped by the Fuse offices to play a few songs from the album as well as to dive into some nostalgia from their early career days. And as always, we also break down the latest news on upcoming movie and TV remakes (you know those are never slowing down!) and music updates.

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