October 13, 2017


Environmental Activist Xiuhtezcatl Martínez Says 'We Need to Disrupt The System': Future Hispanic History

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Fuse is highlighting today's most notable artists, creators and activists who are making Future Hispanic History as we speak. At the young age of seventeen, Xiuhtezcatl Martínez is an advocate for "disrupting the system" and a leader when it comes to educating his generation on environmental activism. 

Using his voice and pushing for change through his music, the youth director of Earth Guardians drives awareness with unique tactics to help protect the planet and feels his generation can lead the movement. "More than anyone my generation is going to be impacted by the problems we see in the world today," he tells Fuse. "And more than anyone my generation is fit to lead the movement to create change."

Watch the interview above and be sure to check Fuse.tv now through Oct. 14 for spotlights, videos and galleries of the individuals creating Future Hispanic History at this very moment. Join the conversation using #FutureHistory.

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