November 15, 2017


Can Ayo & Teo Prove Their Brotherly Bond In a Lie Detector Test?

With over one million YouTube subscribers and nearly 200 million views notched for "Rolex," dancers AyoTeo have seamlessly transitioned from social media stars to platinum recording artists. After building up a dedicated online following, the Michigan-raised brothers linked up with heavy hitters like Usher and Chris Brown before ultimately dropping their own viral single.

Having spent hours in the studio together—and literally growing up together—Ayo & Teo must surely know everything about each other...right? Fuse decided to put them to the test by hooking both dancers up to a lie detector machine, complete with our go-to professional polygraph examiner.

Watch younger brother Teo, who "definitely" thinks his older bro is a liar, take the hot seat first, answering questions like, "Do you think you are a better dancer than Chris Brown?" and "Have you ever worn underwear for two days or more in a row?"

The tables turned when Ayo calmly swaps seats with his brother and reveals his true feelings about going solo, joining Migos, and if he's ever been attracted to one of Teo's girlfriends.

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