November 2, 2017


Watch Hayley Kiyoko Draw a Mood Board for Her Viral Hit 'Feelings'

Rising singer/actress Hayley Kiyoko recently raised eyebrows with her infectious, self-directed "Feelings" video, which features the 26-year-old confidently going after a girl she's had her eyes on. With over 2.6 million YouTube views, it's safe to say that the single resonates with quite a few fans.

Stopping by the Fuse studio, Kiyoko was tasked with crafting a mood board that embodies the vision of "Feelings." Proclaiming herself "the queen of mood boards," she grabbed a pair of scissors, some tape, and a marker and went to work.

Starting off with the symbol that's at the heart of the video (no pun intended), Kiyoko cut out a green heart to represent embracing one's feelings. She then drew a self-portrait featuring a dazzling side smile before adding a photo of a hot girl "because that's really important."

"This mood board, specifically, I hope to evoke joy, charm, adventure, mystery of not trying to be other things in the dating world," the singer says.

Below, watch Kiyoko sit down with Fuse at Voodoo 2017 to chat about the success of her "Feelings" video and why her fans call her "The Lesbian Jesus":