November 21, 2017


'Social Fabric' Closet Tours: Ben Phillips' Love for Isaiah Rider Jerseys

To give Social Fabric fans an even more in-depth look at today's dopest threads, host Kyle Ng linked up with Lot, Stock & Barrel founder Ben Phillips for a tour of his expansive jersey collection. In an episode of Closet Tours, the designer shows off his most prized jerseys ranging from the classics to the obscure.

Revealing that his most cherished item is the Isaiah Rider Portland Trailblazers jersey, Phillips says, "I have multiples of Isaiah Riders just to have the Isaiah Riders. He's literally my favorite guy because he's probably, like, one of the creepiest NBA players of all time."

Phillips also dug out a throwback Jamal Anderson jersey before shouting out ex-NBA player Javaris Crittenton, whose jersey one wouldn't typically find hanging in someone's closet.

"It's crazy that you could basically choose jerseys based off how delinquent someone is," Ng half-jokes.

Below, watch sneakerhead Yuki Suzuki discuss his favorite colorways and how he makes any outfit pop: