November 21, 2017


'Social Fabric' Styles: 69 Jeans' Anonymous Designer

In this all-new installment of Social Fabric's My Styles series, series host Kyle Ng introduces viewers to the mysterious anonymous designer of 69 Jeans. Launched in 2011, 69 Jeans creates all-inclusive, non-demographic denim (not to be confused with the term "gender-neutral").

Faceless and covered in denim from head to toe, the designer hopes "this is the future of clothing." Stressing comfort and versatility, the brand's vision strives to extend the fabric's availability to everyone.

Somewhere in downtown Los Angeles, our anonymous designer is thinking up new and innovative ways to expand non-demographic denim to the masses.

"My purpose is to have fun."

Below, watch another exclusive from this week's episode featuring a tour of designer Ben Phillips' closet of jerseys: