November 21, 2017


'Social Fabric' Styles: Meet Denim Nerd Mike Falkner

This week's episode of Social Fabric is all about denim, so we followed denim connoisseur Mike Falkner on a jean-shopping excursion. Giving viewers a rundown of his style, he explained that a good pair of jeans forms the base of his wardrobe.

"Usually my jeans are kind of set. I usually have one or two pairs of jeans that I cycle through, so that's the easiest aspect of my wardrobe—the denim," Falkner says.

A big fan of Pure Blue Japan, Falkner shouted out the brand's quality fabric and craftsmanship, revealing that his go-to pair is the KS series. Be sure to check out Pure Blue Japan's Kenishi Iwaya on this week's episode!

Below, check out another My Styles piece, featuring the anonymous designer of 69 Jeans: