November 7, 2017


'Social Fabric' Styles: Howie Nicholsby & The Case for Kilts

To give Social Fabric viewers an even more in-depth look at this season's threads, host Kyle Ng explores the personal styles of some of his eclectic guests in this My Styles series. In this installment, get to know renowned kilt-maker Howie Nicholsby of 21st Century Kilts in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The custom kilt designer is all about his simple colors, opting for neutrals like gray, black and navy, plus a bit of green and red here and there. Showing off his vast wardrobe, Nicholsby offered some advice for those considering the kilt lifestyle.

"Always buy for longevity," he says. "And whatever you would wear with trousers or a pair of jeans or a pair of Hawaiian bermuda shorts, you can wear with a kilt because it's an unbifurcated garment."

Below, watch another My Styles piece featuring journalist Kenny Sankale's love for shuka plaid: