November 3, 2017


'Social Fabric' Styles: Kenny Sankale & His Colorful Shukas

Fuse's new series Social Fabric takes viewers on journeys across the globe to track down the dopest fashion trends, from fancy fedoras to the flyest sneakers. In the upcoming series premiere, host Kyle Ng makes his way to Kenya and meets journalist Kenny Sankale, who's all about repping his community.

Hailing from a diverse community of vibrant styles, Sankale proudly displayed his favorite accessories and shared his personal style—combining the modern with the traditional.

One item that embodies Sankale's vision is the shuka, a plaid garment that comes in a variety of colors and can be worn many ways.

"Colors have different meanings. My favorite [shuka] is red and blue," he explains. "The blue color resembles the sky because it gives us rain; it gives us fresh air. All the blessings come from above. Red...for the Maasai people symbolizes bravery and strength and blood."

Below, watch Ng dive deeper into the significance of the shuka: